Saturday, June 12, 2010

See how clear the water is looking down at the lake from the dock at Cedar Hill Resort.
The lake from the boat ramp at Cedar Hill.

Another view.

Cedar Hill Resort. All the little cabin's up the hill are for rent. This does not show just how steep the roads are to the lake.

Same lake different state, Kentucky.

Another view. Going down to this one you felt as if the bed of the truck was gonna meet your front end as there were plenty of "S" curves and it was one steep drive.

Of course this boat appealed to a TN VOL fan.
Dale Hollow lake is very typical of it's last name. It is a crystal clear lake in a hollow. We did not get to go to the dam as the road was closed. We did however, go to see where the National Trout raising facility at the bottom of the dam. We were too late to go on a tour so we will have to go back.
The kitty justice is it is a nice place to visit but I like Center Hill best.


Anonymous said...

You really did take some nice photos of the area and the boats. Nice.

Small City Scenes said...

I like all the lake pictures.
The pictures of the dam in the previous post are very interesting. Are they going to fix the dam? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Abe coming from you I am flattered. Peace

Yes in two years the project will be completed and then they can return the lake levels to normal. From what I understand(which is not much) about the process, there are caves underground where they have dug down the hill and they are filling them with concrete so the water will not leak out. Peace