Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This weekend is Moon Pie and RC Cola festival in Bell Buckle. If you have not ever had either, well you just have missed one of the best taste of the South.
As a child, it was one of the things we looked for when the parents came home from the grocery store. A box of Moon Pies was always a welcomed treat.
I do not eat them now because of health issue mine not the pies but when you sink your teeth into a moon pie you can travel back to simple times of youth.
We got Mother and Dad a microwave and the only thing I ever saw Dad put in the microwave was his Moon Pies. Not what I had envisioned the microwave only use.
The kitty justice is to give someone you like a Moon Pie and if it is their first, well so much the katz fuzzier.


Small City Scenes said...

mmmmm!!! I always like Moon Pies but I know it was always a southern thing. As children we were never allowed any colas, soda, pop what ever one calls it but I have to say I have had RC Cola and it is mighty good. Still not a pop drinker though.
Got a new coffee pot? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear you have had both treats. Yep, got a new coffee pot late Sunday morning. Peace