Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are leaving the Japanese gardens and heading down to the ponds. There are three ponds.

The first pond had a boat full of glass. In the next five photos you can see I am getting closer with each step.

Standing at the bottom of the first pond looking down at the next two ponds. Ah, you will never think of onions in the same way.

The waterfall between the first and the second pond.

The girls resting while I take more photos. Seated is Peaches, standing from left to right is Cat and Knoxie.

I got below the waterfall to take the photos of the second pond.

Note the reflections in the second pond.

Looking back at the second and first ponds.

The third pond had pollen on it and the reflections were not as good.

Coming back up the hill, I thought these looked as if they were sitting on the rocks.

I tried to get low enough to make it look as if this onion was gonna go over the falls.

The last two photos were of the third pond. I thought this display of onions and the boat rather whimsical. Also, the running water made for a peaceful feeling.
The kitty justice is it was getting rather warm so the water made for an inviting passage. Too bad they do not provide a wadding area.


Small City Scenes said...

Hilarious!!! I love the boat full of colorful glass and of course the Onions. I need some for my pond.

BTW: I posted goaties and stand just for you. They will get better. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the boat of glass and the onions. Peace