Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Here I come.The color is Cherry Red. My Halloween Treat.
Here I go. I think she looks good coming or going. It rides like a big car but drives like a small car. Leave it to the Japanese to provide such an illusion. Actually it was assembled in Lincoln, Alabama. I have been waiting for her to tell me her name but I think my Alabama Nephew must have been given a hint as he suggested "Merlot."
I apologized to the Silver Bullet for putting her outside and thanked her for the many safe and comfortable trips she has provided. She is a very important tool of my past therefore, I will let my Prince decide what to do with her as I do not have the heart to sell her.

The Kitty Justice is this Tennessee Volunteer (Big Orange) does not fear a color close to Crimson.(Alabama Red)
Those of you who do not know about the SEC, might not understand the rivalry.


Small City Scenes said...

Oh my, Lady di,
She is a thing of beauty.
I do love the color and Merlot is just a wonderful name.
I saw a wine called Marilyn Merlot so maybe you could add the Marilyn. LOL
Have fun with the newby and give the silver bullet a pat once in awhile.

Lady Di Tn said...

I could shorten it to M&M. I am enjoying the outings more as it is a fun little thing to drive. I have only had 5 cars starting with a blue 1973 Nova with no power steering or brakes. No power anything except that of a 115 lb girl. Oh it did not have air either, just a steering wheel and wheels. But it got me there and back. Peace

Patty said...

What a little beauty she is. Hope it gives you many years of pleasure.