Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's sun rise. After yesterday afternoon's rain we had fog this morning.
Fog is slowly rising and covering the hills.

Color them GONE.
The kitty justice is that it has been a busy week but not too busy to watch a beautiful sun rise from the hill.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Several plants like these stand outside the front door or our neighbor, Mrs. Jackson and every time I would visit I would admire them. I thought they were purple shamrocks. Upon one of my visit, I finally remarked how much I liked them and Mrs. J immediately got a trowel and dug me up a few.
I did not plant them outside but in a pot so I could enjoy them year round. When they get hot, the fold up like little purple tee pees.

Only recently have I found them in a book and the plant is called "Brazilian Butterfly". I thought this a rather odd name until I saw the shape of the butterfly in the folds. It also has a sweet little flower .
The kitty justice is the name fits.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It was reading 100.6 on our thermometer at the house when Prince headed down the hill to finish the field near the shooting range. He said there was a breeze in the hollow down by the pond. This statement was made as he ate his lunch on his return from starting to bush hog the field.

As you can see the windmill on the hill is not turning as he mows the path to the barn. He has told me over and over he does not get hot since he was born during the heatwave of the fifties. The hottest summer on record was when he was born and there was not any air conditioning at that time. Since we do not have animals to contain now, we plan to remove the fence this fall. Yeah, no more fence row to clear.
Puppy and his friends are cooking out tonight at the cabin and plan to go shoot a few targets before they eat. That being the reason for Prince's reason to get the field completely bush hogged.
The kitty justice is that Prince will always go the extra distance for Puppy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

As the sun was coming up this morning, I could hear the weatherman say it was gonna be the hottest day of the year. Not since 2007 has it gotten this hot. It got up to 98 with a heat index of 105. When you ventured outdoors, a mob of invisible mugger called Air Guys attacked all of your senses. When you finally did get to come back inside the house, you were weak and exhausted from the Air's beatings.
Sad news. Where the farm tenant took the loft out(he did not ask if we wanted this done nor do I know what he did with the wood) of the white barn it has caused it to be structurally unsound. To fix it would cost way too much so the end is near. Mimi said she could not remember a time when it was not there. Remember FIL bought the property before WWII.

This was the only cloud in the sky this morning and it looks like a GIANT BIRD.
I spent a couple of hours this morning watering in a meager effort to keep the plants and bushes alive until a much needed rain appears. Maybe Monday or Tuesday if we are lucky.
Then this afternoon I went to have my ears lowered. Got the mop top cut short to go with the weather. The girl who does my hair wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to cut it that short. I told her to whack away as I knew for a fact it would grow back. She roared with laughter as she agree that it was healthy and grew fast.
The kitty justice is I am now 5 pounds lighter due to the lost of some of my mop.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After nine years we had to replace our battery in the pontoon so it would keep going. We took a spend around the lake and it was so HOT that even moving you could not get comfortable.
The zinnias are beginning to bloom and Mimi is making little flower arrangements to make the rooms happy in the house.

This dove was just sitting in the feeder and not allowing any other to come for a snack. It was rather funny because at first 3 doves landed on the electric wire and one would fly over an say something to the second dove and then the second dove would move on down the wire. Again the first dove would again fly over to the second one who had moved down the wire and said something and again the second dove move on down the wire. This went on several times until the second dove just flew away. Then the first dove started in on the third dove doing the same routine. I figure number one dove was a bully or telling bad jokes.
The silver bullet had to go in the shop for what we thought might be a muffler. NOT. It was a catalytic converter. Not a very cheap part. But we needed it to pass the emission test on autos here in Davidson County. Pass the test but now to get tags so I can be legal on the highways and byways. Another one of the 7:30 Church members left us and he and his wife sat in front of us just a couple of pews . He was a wiry little man and super nice fellow. Found out he was a tail gunner in WWII and flew around 30 missions over Japan. It is funny that you do not know such things about a person until they are gone. Now I look around at the others and wonder what is truly interesting about them that we do not know.
Not much going on here except we are trying to stay cool and keep a few plants watered so they will survive. Looks as if we have lost 2 of the Naking Cherry Bushes. I planted these to feed the birds. That leaves only one standing.
The kitty justice is I hope yawl enjoyed my ramblings.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As I sat on the porch Saturday morning the first thing I heard while enjoying coffee was the buzz of the wings and then a gleeful chirp.
When it is so hot you have to change the feed in the feeder at least every third day and sometimes every other day.

Ah ha, it is a little male. See the little color beginning on the neck.
As I sipped from my coffee cup enjoying his antics, I heard lots of chirping in the garage. I put down the cup and there in the corner of the garage was three baby wrens and on the window seal was the parent wren encouraging them to leave the nest.
I thought this would be a good photo opt so I came inside from the garage into the kitchen and told Mimi who was beginning to enjoy her breakfast that the baby wrens were coming off the nest. She was upset that she had let Sam cat out on the porch and requested I get him in.
I headed back to her bedroom to let the mence back inside. As soon as I opened the door, he ran inside with a baby red bellied woodpecker in his mouth. He went under a table as I yelled at him and he was so started he dropped the baby bird by the table leg. I knew I had to be quick, so I scooped the baby up in my bare hands all the while telling Sam what a bad kitty he was to catch a baby bird, as I gently cradled the stunted little fellow and took him back out on the porch to release him in one of my little potted trees. He sat there for just a second blinked at me and them off he flew to freedom.
I stopped and picked up my camera on the way back to the garage and the baby birds all the while followed by a howling Sam cat protesting my interference. I poked my head into the kitchen and told Mimi not to let Sam cat out for awhile as he was preying on baby birds. She was so thankful that I had let the cat back in as she would have been unable to retrieve the bird and set it free.
I crawled up into the bed of the truck and looked every where for the babies but they had gone except for one who was going in and out from under the truck. I never could get a photo of the lone baby. It was so very tiny and cute I just put down the camera and enjoyed the sight. I opened the garage door for better light and a larger opening for it to escape. Finally,about mid day, the garage was silent again. Prince and I went to TSC for those big seed blocks and some new seed as it was time to feed little babies and watch them grow.
The kitty justice is to spoil a real Cat's day by taking away his catch.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It is now Crypt Myrtles time in Tennessee. Most businesses and homes have at least one some have five or six. It is a joy just to drive along and look at all the different colors. These are the ones Prince and I planted after we lost the big oak to lighting. I need to move the Hostas and lilies of the valley as they now get too much sun.
Mimi had several doctor visits last week and she is such a trooper she is doing fine. She did not go to Church with us this weekend as she almost fell at the railing during communion the week before. If I was weak and almost fell, I think I would not go to Church either. That would be a very HORRIBLE experience for the little southern lady .
Speaking of falling, Prince and Kitty went down the hill to clear the weeds around an apple tree. First Prince fell down and tried to break his fall and now his left arm is sore and bruised. Then Kitty's paw turned on a rock and she went tumbling after. She rolled like a ball , weed killer and all but she did not try to break her fall. She sat on the ground until her paws were sound and she crawled up the hill to a hot shower and feel better again. After bathing in Joint FleX she was heard to say "I will not play on the hillside for a few days."
Friday it took Kitty all morning to plant ten plants , mulch their surroundings. The ole kat not as quick like she was in her youth but her tenacity gets the job done no matter the hours took.
The kitty justice is I am too old to play Jill to Prince's Jack.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This is the corner at the front of the house. I do not have as many potted plants which with the dry weather is a blessing.

When we were cleaning out the old Mayes house on the farm, Prince found this old sewing machine up in the attic. It was dusty beyond compare and the wood was falling off and the rust was unbelievable but he knew I would see the beauty in it.
He brought it up to the house and I removed the wood and took off the old machine and took the pressure washer to remove the mountains of dust and dirty dobbers nest. I finally got it spray painted and moved to it's new place of respect.
The kitty justice is no matter how old or rusty a piece has become someone can see the beauty and usefulness.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

1 1/4 cups canola oil
2 Tbs Cayenne pepper
1 pkg dry ranch dressing
1 box saltine crackers
Mix oil and pepper in a container with a lid and let sit for 2 hours.
Add ranch dressing.
Put box of (4 shelves) of saltine crackers in a large Ziploc bag and pour the oil mixture over the crackers. Zip bag and toss lightly , turning for 24 hours or until crackers have absorbed all the oil and seasoning. Put paper towels in the bottom of air tight containers (tins, plastic or glass ) then layer the crackers.The towel will absorb excess oil. I prefer the spicy ranch dressing and you can use more or less of the pepper to suit your taste.
The kitty justice is to enjoy these with lots of liquid of choice. Happy Fourth.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

AUTHOR: Lori Shaw-Cohen
Appeared in Her

The kitty justice is this was too neat not to share with all the Mothers out there.
Check out Her at

Friday, July 02, 2010

I do not know the name of this plant. We just call it "Harriett's plant". Harriett was one of Mimi's long time friends who is no longer with us. We miss her as she was a true southern jewel.
The stand is really what this post is about. I found the base several weeks ago on one of my trips to the thrift shop. Then I started looking for a top. Would you believe this is a plate which was on the clearance rack at Wally world. Wally world is in the mist of a big change over of its displays and it is like a maze to go in and find anything but I was on a mission not to find a top but to get some JointFleX. I always check clearance racks just in case I can find something useful and this time it paid off. I glued the plate securely on the base and let it dry for a day and walla a new plant stand.
Now for the JointFleX. You can get it for 6 dollars cheaper than you can get it at Walgreens at Walmart.(Those of you who know the kitty, knows this is NOT MY FAVORITE STORE) Also if you go to you can get a two dollar coupon. Put a little of the joint flex on and you are pain free and good to GO.
The kitty justice is you never know what neat thing you can make out of items unless you try. Also, if you hurt it is not my fault as you have been given a way to eliminate the pain.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Maggie's tail is wagging so fast you cannot see it. Look she has not one, not two, but three papers. Two are local inserts of the community that neither Puppy or our neighbors pick up. Therefore if they are still on the driveway when Maggie goes and gets the morning paper, she picks up all three. She is so proud of herself and gets extra treats for her efforts.

My balloon flowers are just about played out. I have diligently watered them since we had the hottest June on record since 1952. The average high for 1952 was 84 degrees, and 2010 average high was 80. We had 3 weeks in the high nineties. Feeling more like July than June.
When Maggie and I went out this morning, it was in the sixties and a light breeze was blowing. Ah, it felt like I had been delivered to Heaven. I just stood outside and enjoyed the sounds and feel of this pleasant morning.
As you can tell by the photo we have not had any rain on the hill except for a few teasing showers that do not wet the ground under the plants. So as I was walking around on the crunching grass, I had the feeling that June and July were reversed. The weather folks warn we will only have a few days of this type of weather and then the HEAT will return probably with a vengeance.
After the May 2ND flood, I did not think I would wish for rain but now as we are parched and dry, I would be happy to see rain in our forecast.
I took my cup of coffee out on the porch and sat watching the sun rise and listening to the chirping of the hummingbirds as they had their morning breakfast on us . I said a little prayer of "thankfulness."
The kitty justice is it has been a long time since I could enjoy such a morning.