Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After nine years we had to replace our battery in the pontoon so it would keep going. We took a spend around the lake and it was so HOT that even moving you could not get comfortable.
The zinnias are beginning to bloom and Mimi is making little flower arrangements to make the rooms happy in the house.

This dove was just sitting in the feeder and not allowing any other to come for a snack. It was rather funny because at first 3 doves landed on the electric wire and one would fly over an say something to the second dove and then the second dove would move on down the wire. Again the first dove would again fly over to the second one who had moved down the wire and said something and again the second dove move on down the wire. This went on several times until the second dove just flew away. Then the first dove started in on the third dove doing the same routine. I figure number one dove was a bully or telling bad jokes.
The silver bullet had to go in the shop for what we thought might be a muffler. NOT. It was a catalytic converter. Not a very cheap part. But we needed it to pass the emission test on autos here in Davidson County. Pass the test but now to get tags so I can be legal on the highways and byways. Another one of the 7:30 Church members left us and he and his wife sat in front of us just a couple of pews . He was a wiry little man and super nice fellow. Found out he was a tail gunner in WWII and flew around 30 missions over Japan. It is funny that you do not know such things about a person until they are gone. Now I look around at the others and wonder what is truly interesting about them that we do not know.
Not much going on here except we are trying to stay cool and keep a few plants watered so they will survive. Looks as if we have lost 2 of the Naking Cherry Bushes. I planted these to feed the birds. That leaves only one standing.
The kitty justice is I hope yawl enjoyed my ramblings.


DUTA said...

The dove in your picture looks so cute, and yet it's probably a bully wanting the place for itself only and chasing away the other doves. Unfortunately, that's how it is with humans too.

Stay cool and happy!

Small City Scenes said...

Always enjoy your rambling---that way we know more about you before you are gone. LOL
With cars it's always something isn't it. I just had brakes done all the way around and needed new tires too and then a week later my battery went kablooy. What's a person to do.
No car
No drive
We fix car.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was rather commical watching the dove bully the others. My warp imagination had the dove telling bad jokes or having bad breath. Trying to do both. Peace

Good grief the silver bullet is only 11 years old and I think the parts should last as long as the car. Now I am being a funny bunny. Glad you enjoyed the ramblings. Peace

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ I enjoyed your post and the photos are always nice.Sorry it has been too hot for you. I throw out bread pieces etc and spread them around as the pigeons and sparrows also boss each other. I also give them Wild bird seed and they do the same. Sorry about your church member and we learn more about folks at their funerals.
Glad you enjoyed my post and the jokes and stories. Take great care,
my friend. I hope you are better after your fall. Love, Merle.

Changes in the wind said...

It doesn't look hot:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed my ramblings, I guess it is the nature of wild birds to bully each other as the strongest does survive. Peace

Well it was very hot and muggy with no breeze. I think the temp was 95 but the heat index over 100. Today, Friday we have had our hottest day all year plus it has not been this hot since 2007. It was 98 with a heat index of 105. Peace