Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As I sat on the porch Saturday morning the first thing I heard while enjoying coffee was the buzz of the wings and then a gleeful chirp.
When it is so hot you have to change the feed in the feeder at least every third day and sometimes every other day.

Ah ha, it is a little male. See the little color beginning on the neck.
As I sipped from my coffee cup enjoying his antics, I heard lots of chirping in the garage. I put down the cup and there in the corner of the garage was three baby wrens and on the window seal was the parent wren encouraging them to leave the nest.
I thought this would be a good photo opt so I came inside from the garage into the kitchen and told Mimi who was beginning to enjoy her breakfast that the baby wrens were coming off the nest. She was upset that she had let Sam cat out on the porch and requested I get him in.
I headed back to her bedroom to let the mence back inside. As soon as I opened the door, he ran inside with a baby red bellied woodpecker in his mouth. He went under a table as I yelled at him and he was so started he dropped the baby bird by the table leg. I knew I had to be quick, so I scooped the baby up in my bare hands all the while telling Sam what a bad kitty he was to catch a baby bird, as I gently cradled the stunted little fellow and took him back out on the porch to release him in one of my little potted trees. He sat there for just a second blinked at me and them off he flew to freedom.
I stopped and picked up my camera on the way back to the garage and the baby birds all the while followed by a howling Sam cat protesting my interference. I poked my head into the kitchen and told Mimi not to let Sam cat out for awhile as he was preying on baby birds. She was so thankful that I had let the cat back in as she would have been unable to retrieve the bird and set it free.
I crawled up into the bed of the truck and looked every where for the babies but they had gone except for one who was going in and out from under the truck. I never could get a photo of the lone baby. It was so very tiny and cute I just put down the camera and enjoyed the sight. I opened the garage door for better light and a larger opening for it to escape. Finally,about mid day, the garage was silent again. Prince and I went to TSC for those big seed blocks and some new seed as it was time to feed little babies and watch them grow.
The kitty justice is to spoil a real Cat's day by taking away his catch.


Small City Scenes said...

YAY for kitty justice!!!

So glad the baby bird you rescued was ok. Bad cat but just doing what come naturally.

Sweet pics of the Hummer. Love it! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I felt good about the rescue all day. Sam cat is one to get even so I watched to make sure he did not destroy any of my treasures (turkey feathers) Glad you enjoyed the photos. Peace

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Our feeder like this got lost or something dreadful happened to it so we are back with the old one. Or were. We have honeysuckle and some other flowering plants that attract them so took the unused feeder down. I don't think they used it and haven't missed it.

I really like to see the males. We must have them but I have not seen one. All I get to see are the females.

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Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I am glad you rescued the bird, the cat is well fed, I have no doubt. The photos of the birds feeding are lovely.
I hope you are feeling much better
after your fall, my friend. My pain
in much less today, thankfully.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Patty said...

Like Abe said, for now, we've taken down the feeder. They were ignoring it for the live flowers and I can't say I would blame them. Our neighbor has a cat that likes to come into our backyard, but we chase him away. He's feed well and he doesn't need to kill the birds.

{B} said...

Fantastic photos....hummingbirds are my favorite, but close seconds are the woodpeckers. Enjoyed the story so much. Thanks again for your visits.

Lady Di Tn said...

The downy woodpecker like the feeder too so I just keep them up and enjoy the activity. At least this year the raccoons are not visiting at night. We had to take the feeder in nightly last year to keep them from chewing them up.
I will check out my books for some recipes before I check out the new blog. Peace

So am I happy that Sam cat did not get the little baby woodpecker. You are correct that Sam has never missed a meal or snack. Peace

Glad you keep the fat cat from next door on the move. I guess the black panther as Abe calls the cat in residents does not get to go out. Peace

Thanks for your visit. I could sit all day and just watch them all as they are so fascinating to me. Peace