Friday, July 23, 2010

As the sun was coming up this morning, I could hear the weatherman say it was gonna be the hottest day of the year. Not since 2007 has it gotten this hot. It got up to 98 with a heat index of 105. When you ventured outdoors, a mob of invisible mugger called Air Guys attacked all of your senses. When you finally did get to come back inside the house, you were weak and exhausted from the Air's beatings.
Sad news. Where the farm tenant took the loft out(he did not ask if we wanted this done nor do I know what he did with the wood) of the white barn it has caused it to be structurally unsound. To fix it would cost way too much so the end is near. Mimi said she could not remember a time when it was not there. Remember FIL bought the property before WWII.

This was the only cloud in the sky this morning and it looks like a GIANT BIRD.
I spent a couple of hours this morning watering in a meager effort to keep the plants and bushes alive until a much needed rain appears. Maybe Monday or Tuesday if we are lucky.
Then this afternoon I went to have my ears lowered. Got the mop top cut short to go with the weather. The girl who does my hair wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to cut it that short. I told her to whack away as I knew for a fact it would grow back. She roared with laughter as she agree that it was healthy and grew fast.
The kitty justice is I am now 5 pounds lighter due to the lost of some of my mop.


Small City Scenes said...

So sorry you have to endure so much heat but it sure does make for a beautiful sunrise. Our highs are in the mid 70s and plenty hot for me.
So the white barn will be gone never to grace your pics again. So sad.
Stay inside by a fan and keep cool. MB

DUTA said...

I'm sorry about your barn.
As for the heat, we are in the same boat. I have small fans placed in strategic points as air conditioning requires closed windows and I don't like that very much.
Enjoy your new haircut!

Lady Di Tn said...

I do not know when it will be taken down so I am taking as many photos as I can of the barn. Staying inside is my goal today and so far I have managed. Peace

We have the windows closed and the air going along with ceiling fans turning their little heads off. When I was out watering the plants today it was cooler since I had less mop. Peace