Saturday, July 03, 2010

AUTHOR: Lori Shaw-Cohen
Appeared in Her

The kitty justice is this was too neat not to share with all the Mothers out there.
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DUTA said...

All this is very true, but it shouldn"t sound sad, as it is the natural order of things in life.

After the children leave the nest, comes the proper time for Mothers to practice the law of 'Know thyself, listen to thyself, love thyself, pamper thyself' and also take a good look at their soul-mates.

By the way, I love your template.

Small City Scenes said...

Looking back--it all seems like so much fun.
And then they move back home.

A lovely story. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I think she was just sad that life went so fast or at least that is how I read it. You are correct Mothers loose their Identity and should rediscover it after the children turn to adults. Thanks and Peace

A correct summation. Peace

Patty said...

This is all so true. But at the moment, we have our youngest back home living with us, along with her daughter who turned 10 this past March. The first time we had a family get together after all the kids had moved out, after the last one left for the day and I was tiding up a bit, I stuck my head around the corner of the door way to the living room and said to Abe, do you notice anything different. He said no what? I said QUIET. LOL So after the youngest moved back in, after a get to gather with all of us, she said what she missed most was being able to pack up and go to her own house to peace and quiet. Now she has to wait until everyone leaves here. I told her she now knows wha it's like. LOL

Lady Di Tn said...

Loved the story. When we have get togethers here, it is the same. You really notice the quiet when everyone leaves. Peace

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ What a great piece about motherhood and so true. It
goes too quickly for most of us,
but the journey was great for us
and hopefully for our kids.
Take care, Love, Merle.