Monday, July 12, 2010

It is now Crypt Myrtles time in Tennessee. Most businesses and homes have at least one some have five or six. It is a joy just to drive along and look at all the different colors. These are the ones Prince and I planted after we lost the big oak to lighting. I need to move the Hostas and lilies of the valley as they now get too much sun.
Mimi had several doctor visits last week and she is such a trooper she is doing fine. She did not go to Church with us this weekend as she almost fell at the railing during communion the week before. If I was weak and almost fell, I think I would not go to Church either. That would be a very HORRIBLE experience for the little southern lady .
Speaking of falling, Prince and Kitty went down the hill to clear the weeds around an apple tree. First Prince fell down and tried to break his fall and now his left arm is sore and bruised. Then Kitty's paw turned on a rock and she went tumbling after. She rolled like a ball , weed killer and all but she did not try to break her fall. She sat on the ground until her paws were sound and she crawled up the hill to a hot shower and feel better again. After bathing in Joint FleX she was heard to say "I will not play on the hillside for a few days."
Friday it took Kitty all morning to plant ten plants , mulch their surroundings. The ole kat not as quick like she was in her youth but her tenacity gets the job done no matter the hours took.
The kitty justice is I am too old to play Jill to Prince's Jack.


Small City Scenes said...

Wow you took a huge tumble. I find myself not so steady on my feet as I used to be. Grrrr!! I don't like admitting these things. I am glad it was only your pride that was hurt.

Crepe Myrtle doesn't do well out here. It seldom blooms because it is not hot long enough or we don't have enough sun--something like that. But they are beautiful and highly scented I understand.
My Hostas are just starting to bloom. MB

Changes in the wind said...

How grateful I am that is was not a true Jack and Jill because they couldn't be put together again.

Patty said...

Hope all the sore, stiff muscles and aches and pains from the fall you both took are much better today. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I find I can't do some things I use to be able to do and some things it seems to take me twice as long, but I eventually get it done. LOL Here's to better days.

DUTA said...

I'm glad you were not hurt. I was not so lucky. I fell on my right arm and I have pain lifting it. The doctor ordered an ultra sound test but it will take time as they are full until the end of the month. I very much hope it will improve till then. Peace.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think my days as a goat on a hillside are slowly coming to an end. Capricons do not like to admit that but like Dirty Harry said "You must know your limitations."
Crepe Mytles did not do well in England either when they got them from either Japan or China so they were sent here and loved the south.

A little soreness I can handle but it will be wise of me to stay off the steep hillside. Peace

Prince got the worst end of it as his shoulder still is very sore. I am just gratful that neither of us were too stoved up. Mother warned me of lots of things but she never ever told me that it would take me soooo long to do things when I got older. Peace

Sorry to hear about the right arm and I hope you are left handed. When the arm is not in use, you might do well to put it in a sling so it can rest. Check to see if you can get JointFleX over there. It really is a miracle cream. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~The crepe myrtle is
lovely. They do well here too. I am so sorry you both took such a fall,
and glad nothing was broken. Too old to play Jack and Jill. Stay on flat ground.
Thanks again for the Redneck church jokes, they were popular, and the nun and funeral jokes. Glad you got some rain as we did here too.
Dianne, your kind offer to send me some Joint Flex, brought a few tears. Thank you so very much, I will see if I can get it here. I have Pain Away and that is good, and my son just brought some
Arnica for me. Thank you so much dear friend, and I will keep it in mind.
People can be so kind, I got a taxi to have a hair trim, and the hairdresser drove me home as she had a half hour break. Peace to you Dianne,Love,Merle.